Diann Stedman

Title: Biosafety Manager / RO / RSO


Email: dstedman@gmu.edu

Phone: 703-993-7531

Diann Stedman is a safety professional with 12 years of experience managing safety programs and staff. She currently serves as the Biosafety Manager, Responsible Official and Assistant Radiation Safety Officer for George Mason University and is a member of the Environmental Health and Safety spill response team. In her role as Biosafety Manager, Ms. Stedman oversees biosafety and biosecurity for over 200 laboratories on multiple campuses across Northern Virginia. Ms. Stedman was involved in the design and construction phases of the Biomedical Research Laboratory, a high containment facility on George Mason University’s Science and Technology campus, and has served as the Responsible Official of the select agent program since the facility received its certificate of registration in 2012.

Ms. Stedman contributed significantly to the design of the institutions high containment biomedical research facility, development of the biosafety, security, and incident response plans and operating procedures for the containment suite. One of her proudest achievements is the training program at the facility which incorporates classroom and hands-on training for laboratory and incident response procedures, interactive annual refresher training, and drills and exercises to test plans and procedures.

In her role as Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, Ms. Stedman supports the Radiation Safety Officer to assure compliance with state regulatory requirements. She was instrumental in the development of the University’s Radiation Protection Plan and radiation safety training program. In addition to her work responsibilities, Ms. Stedman serves as Co-Principal Investigator and trainer for the Duke Infectious Disease Response Training (DIDRT) consortium, providing infectious disease and pandemic preparedness training to first responders, transportation workers, and healthcare workers in the region.

Ms. Stedman earned her Master of Science degree in microbiology and immunology from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studied the molecular biology of intracellular parasites and completed her thesis on the development of a regulated expression system in Trypanosoma cruzi. Prior to work at Mason, Ms. Stedman was employed as a research assistant at Yale University and taught biology 101 and anatomy and physiology at Gateway Community College, New Haven, CT.

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