Svetlana Senina

Title: Biosafety Specialist



Phone: 703-993-9460

Ms. Svetlana Senina is a safety professional with 5 years’ experience of managing George Mason University Biosafety Program and serves as an Alternate Responsible Official (ARO) for the Select Agent Program.  As a Biosafety Officer, she interprets and implements regulatory requirements and guidelines regarding biosafety, provides guidance to IACUC and IRB on biosafety related matters, conducts risk assessments, laboratory inspections, and hazard evaluations, oversees management of biological waste, provides training in all aspects of biosafety, responds to incidents as needed.

Ms. Senina earned her Masters of Science degree in biochemistry from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, where she studied carcinogenic and mutagenic effects of benzo[α]pyrene, BPDE.  Before joining George Mason University, Ms. Senina was employed at Public Health Research Institute – Rutgers University as a research associate.  Ms. Senina started working at George Mason University in 2010 as Research Associate at The National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCBID).  In this position, she supervised and supported the BSL2/3 and ABSL2/3 programs at the Biomedical Research Laboratory (BRL) at the Science and Technology campus.

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