Facilities and Operations Services

Fire Watch

A “fire watch” must be implemented whenever a fire suppression or fire alarm system is out of service or compromised. The Fire Watch Guide provides instructions for when and how a fire watch must be implemented.

Hot Work Permit

Hot Work Permits are required for operations involving open flames or producing heat and/ or sparks. This includes, but is not limited to: brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, and thawing pipe, torch-applied roofing, and cad welding. All George Mason University personnel and contractors who perform hot work are required to complete a Hot Work Permit. Instructions on how to obtain complete a Hot Work Permit is available in the Hot Work Safety Guide.

Routine Testing and Inspection

The Fire Safety Plan outlines the various responsibilities, activities, and procedures that the university observes to reduce the potential for fires and mitigate the damage should one occur on university property. EHS works collaboratively with Facilities Management, the Fire Alarm Shop, and contractors to inspect, test, and maintain fire alarm and suppressions systems.

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