Respiratory Protection

Person wearing a ventilator mask working in a lab

The Respiratory Protection Plan has been developed to protect George Mason University employees from exposure to harmful air contaminants and complies with 29 CFR 1910.134. Employees who are required to wear a respirator will be enrolled in the Respiratory Protection Program. As outlined in the written Respiratory Protection Plan, program elements include:

  • Training,
  • Medical evaluation,
  • Respirator fit testing,
  • Program evaluation, and
  • Recordkeeping.

Information for Employees Enrolled in Program

Medical Surveillance

  • Medical clearance process initiated upon completion of Respiratory Protection training at time of initial hire
  • One-time requirement
  • Employee is eligible for fit testing once medical clearance has been received from occupational PLHCP

Fit Testing

  • Required upon initial hire (following medical clearance & completion of training) and annually thereafter
  • Supervisors coordinate employee fit tests with EHS


  • Respiratory Protection Training
  • Required upon initial hire and annually thereafter
  • Register for training here

Voluntary Use of Respirators

  • For employees with individual sensitivities to dust or other allergens whose job does not require respirator use
  • Only N95 and N99 filtering facepieces available for voluntary use
  • Appendix D form must be signed and submitted to EHS before using voluntary use respiratory protection