Training Policies and FAQs

Training Policies

Late Arrivals

Attendees arriving more than 10 minutes late to a training session will not be permitted to enter the classroom and will need to attend training on a different date. Please plan to arrive on time or a few minutes ahead of time to EHS training sessions. If you have any questions about the location of training, parking, or other logistical concerns, please contact EHS.

Minimum Scheduled Attendees

EHS requires a minimum of two scheduled attendees* in order to hold a training session. Training sessions with one or no scheduled attendees will be cancelled.

*Some classes (such as Fire Extinguisher Use training) require a minimum of three or more attendees due to the materials and hands-on exercises involved in hosting the class.

Training Provided by Other Institutions

George Mason University’s EHS training programs are developed internally and contain information pertinent to your health and safety with specific information regarding the university. Therefore, no equivalent outside training will be accepted in place of any training course required by your job function.

Training FAQs

-Training Registration-

How do I register for training?

To register for training through EHS, click here. On the registration page, enter either your G# or first and last name. If you’ve attended training or registered with us in the past, the system should find a match for you. If not, click on the option to complete registration as a first-time registrant. After you’ve signed in or registered, you’ll be able to view all of our classes and their upcoming trainings.

Please note, EHS offers trainings to George Mason University Faculty, Staff, Students, Volunteers, Interns, Governor’s School students, and other affiliates. If you’re not sure if you can attend training through our office, please email and we’ll be glad to assist you in answering any questions you may have about eligibility or required courses.

What does it mean if I am “waitlisted” when I register for a class?

Due to capacity of training rooms, facilities, and other factors, we do have to impose a limit to the number of seats available per class. Once a class has filled up, you can request to be added to the waitlist. Waitlisted attendees will be added to the list of registrants if and when a seat opens up*, in the order that they were added to the waitlist. Please note, if you are waitlisted when you register you are not actually signed up for that class. Please email with any additional questions about being waitlisted for a class.

*Seats open in classes when registrants cancel their registration, or in some cases if the class size is able to be increased to accommodate waitlisted registrants. Class size increases depend on the space available in the room and the trainer’s discretion.

-Training Schedule-

When is the next “_______” training being offered?

Please check our training schedule via the calendar or the training registration portal. You’ll be able to view the upcoming trainings for all of our scheduled monthly trainings.

-Group Training-

I have a group of students or employees who require training. Can we arrange a training session just for our group? If so, how do we go about getting one organized?

Sure! We always recommend checking our routine training schedule to see if there are any upcoming trainings with enough open seats to accommodate your group. If there are no classes with schedules that meet everyone’s needs, please submit a Group Training Request form.

-Training Attendance Confirmation-

How can I receive confirmation of a completed training?

You can view and print your training history by signing into our registration system and selecting “View Training History.”


Who can I contact if I have any other questions about the EHS training program?

Please contact EHS with any questions you have about the EHS training program, or with any general questions for the EHS office. We look forward to hearing from you!