Aerial Lift

All employees who intend to operate an aerial lift, personal lift, scissor lift, or bucket truck are required to receive training prior to operation. This combination of classroom and hands-on training provides instruction on how to inspect, safely operate, and maneuver aerial lifts, personal lifts, scissor lifts, and bucket trucks. Training also includes the proper use of required personal protective equipment to include using fall protection harnesses, safety procedures, and site inspection. It is a one time training required for all employees who intend to use any type of lift regardless of the frequency or area in which it is used. To register, contact EHS.

Art Safety

All persons working in an art studio or participating in creative activities that use hazardous materials must attend Art Safety training within 30 days of employment and annually thereafter. This training provides an overview of the policies and safety practices that must be observed when working with hazardous materials. Art Safety training provides guidance on how to identify hazards, wear proper personal protection equipment, safety equipment, disposal of hazardous waste, and develop good safety habits. This course satisfies regulatory requirements for Hazard Communication, or Right-to-Know training, in the context of the art studio. To register, click here or Contact EHS.


All employees who operate a chain saw are required to receive training before they may use a chain saw. Chainsaw training address operation and maintenance of chainsaws, recognition of safety hazards, proper use of required personal protective equipment, safety procedures, and safe performance of routine work tasks. Chainsaw training is required before an employee operates this equipment and must be repeated when new equipment or practices are implemented. All employees that receive Chainsaw training must also receive first aid and CPR/AED training or hold valid training certificates for these courses. To register, email EHS at

Confined Space

A confined space is defined as any space that is large enough that an employee can enter and perform assigned work, has limited or restricted means for entry or exit, and is not designed for continuous employee occupancy. A confined space that contains a physical or chemical hazard has additional procedures that must be followed. All employees expected to work within a confined space must receive Confined Space Entry training before they may work in a confined space. Retraining is required when new hazards are introduced, procedures are changed, or deficiencies in safe work operations have occurred. To register, email EHS at

Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication training is required for all personnel working with hazardous materials, excluding laboratory and art personnel. It is a one time training required within 30 days of employment. Hazard Communication training provides information on how to label and store hazardous materials, how to protect against exposure to hazardous materials, emergency procedures, safety equipment, hazardous waste disposal, and safety policies. To register, click here. Please note we are modifying our training registration system. Training registration will be available August 1, 2022. Thank you for your patience.

Lockout / Tagout

Lockout/tagout is a process that uses locks and tags to isolate and prevent the release of hazardous energy during service, maintenance, and modification of machines, motors, and electrical equipment. Hazardous energy includes any of the following; electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, chemical, moving parts, and any other form of energy that presents a physical hazard. All employees that service or repair equipment that possess hazards energy must use lockout/tagout procedures and must attend Lockout/Tagout training before working on equipment or practicing lockout/tagout. Lockout/tagout Training is required annually. Equipment specific safety procedures will be provided by Facilities Management supervisors during the course of employment. To register, click here.

Powered Industrial Trucks (Fork Lift / Man Lift / Cherry Picker)

Powered Industrial Trucks training provides instruction on how to inspect, operate, and maneuver a fork lift, man lift, or other industrial truck(s). Training is required for all employees who use an industrial truck regardless of the frequency or area in which it is used. Training must be renewed every three years, when an accident occurs, or when dangerous behavior is observed. To register, contact EHS.