What items may be recycled, and where are they collected?

Rechargeable batteries (nickel cadmium- Ni-Cad, lithium ion – Li-ion, nickel metal hydride – NMH or Ni-MH, and all cell phone batteries) and cell phones are collected for recycling. Recycling containers are located at:

  • Sub I and Sub II – The HUB Information Desks.
  • Patriot Computer in Johnson Center.
  • Potomac Heights Housing Office.
  • Discovery Hall Security Desk.
  • Occoquan Building, outside of the bookstore.
  • Bull Run Hall, outside of the Classroom Technology Office.
  • Arlington Classroom Technology Office.

Where can I find out more information about sustainability, recycling, and green issues?

To obtain more information on sustainability programs and campus initiatives,  please visit George Mason University’s Office of Sustainability website.

To find more information about recycling programs, acceptable recycling materials, and recycling locations, please visit George Mason University’s recycling/Office of Sustainability.