When should I evacuate a building and what should I do?

Evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounds or when a university official or first responder instructs you to evacuate. You should report to directly to your building’s Designated Assembly Area which is identified on the evacuation plan located throughout each building. Failure to evacuate a building when the fire alarm sounds is a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment.

What is a designated assembly area and where is it?

A Designated Assembly Area is a pre-identified outdoor location at least 50 feet from a building where individuals should upon evacuating the building. The Designated Assembly Area is identified on Evacuation Plans posted throughout university buildings.

Each Evacuation Plan has at least two Designated Assembly Areas identified. Know where both are located in case one is not available. In the event that the Designated Assembly Areas cannot be occupied due to a hazard, are occupied by emergency response personnel, or are otherwise unsafe, select an alternate assembly area that meets the criteria outlined in the Emergency Evacuation Guide.

When is it safe to re-enter a building?

It is only safe to re-enter a building that has been evacuated when the fire department, university official, or emergency response personnel tells you it is safe to do so.