May I use an extension cord?

Extension cords are only permitted to be used for temporary, portable appliances. They may not be utilized as a substitute for permanent wiring. Cords cannot be fastened or hung in a way that can damage the outer jacket or insulation. UL approved fused power strips can be used to extend power to permanent devices or appliances except for those listed in FAQ#5 in this section.

May I use a multi-plug adaptor?

Multi-plug adaptors can be used if they contain the following:

  • A power switch;
  • A fuse;
  • Are UL listed and have the appropriate markings; and
  • Are not used in conjunction with any other multi-plug device(s).

What is considered an approved power strip?

Fused power strips are the only approved device that may be used to increase the number of outlets available from a single outlet. All power strips must be UL listed and in good working order. They must possess a power switch, and be equipped with a fuse.

May I use more than one power strip?

Multiple power strips can be used provided that they are all plugged directly into the wall outlet and not plugged into an extension cord or into another power strip.

What needs to be plugged directly into the wall?

Some devices draw significant amounts of current, and should be plugged directly into the wall. Contact Environmental Health and Safety Office- Fire Safety if you have specific questions about how to power your devices/appliances. The Electrical Safety Guide can also provide information about the safe powering of devices. The following devices should always be plugged directly into the wall:

  • Portable heaters (i.e., space heaters)
  • Refrigerators
  • Large fans
  • Microwaves
  • Power strips
  • Coffee pots
  • Any device that draws over 10 amperes