Biological Safety for BSL-2 Laboratories

Posted: April 2, 2020 at 4:19 pm

All individuals working in BSL-2 laboratories must receive Biological Safety for BSL-2 Laboratories and Laboratory Safety Orientation training before beginning work with infectious materials. A laboratory is designated as BSL-2 when the biological materials used in that laboratory are in Risk Group 2 (or higher in some cases) or are of human or primate origin. This training reviews the principles of biosafety including risk assessment and management strategies, disinfection and decontamination procedures, regulated medical waste handling and disposal, autoclave use procedures, bloodborne pathogens, spill and exposure response. This training must be renewed annually. Once you have taken this training course, you may substitute BSL-2 Biosafety Refresher training (described below) to meet the annual requirement. To register, click here.

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