Laboratory Safety Orientation

Posted: April 2, 2020 at 4:15 pm

All personnel working in George Mason University laboratories are required to participate in Laboratory Safety Orientation. Those who work in a BSL-2 laboratory must attend Laboratory Safety Orientation as well as Biological Safety for BSL-2 Laboratories.

Laboratory Safety Orientation will serve as the foundation for all participants who are new to George Mason scientific instructional or research laboratories. This course will instruct participants on Mason-specific laboratory safety policies and procedures, chemical safety and hygiene, risk assessment and management, waste management guidelines, and emergency response information. This course will also introduce participants to best practices for chemical and non-infectious biological material work within the laboratory as well as services available to laboratory personnel through EHS.

This training must be renewed annually (either via Laboratory Safety Refresher, or via BSL-2 Biosafety Refresher for BSL-2 participants). To register, click here.

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