What containers are appropriate for hazardous waste and where do I get these containers?

All hazardous waste containers must be compatible with the materials they are intended to store, must have a cap or lid that is able to be tightly sealed, and must be labeled with the complete chemical name and the words “Hazardous Waste.” Do not use food containers, pharmaceutical containers, flasks, bins, or other open top containers.

EHS provides 5-gallon polyethylene containers for the disposal of corrosive, organic, inorganic, and flammable wastes. Additional container sizes made of various chemical resistant materials may be available or provided upon request.

EHS recommends using empty chemical containers that are generated in the laboratory to accumulate hazardous waste. If you choose to use an existing chemical container, please remove or completely deface the chemical label and replace it with a label that correctly identifies the waste contents. Please be sure that the chemicals are compatible with the container’s material(s) and that the container has a properly fitted cap or lid that is capable of being tightly sealed. Waste stored in containers that does not meet these requirements will not be removed from your laboratory until you have met these re-use requirements.

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