What do I do if I am involved in an accident or suffer an injury?

All accidents, injuries, or conditions that may cause harm should be reported to the university so that appropriate remediation or corrective measures can be taken to protect the university community from similar or future incidents. The following situations should be reported to the university:

  • Employee Accident: An Incident Report Form should be completed whenever an accident (that does not result in injury), theft of university property, fire on university property, or unsafe condition occurs.
  • Student or Visitor Accident or Injury: An Incident Report Form should be completed whenever an accident, injury, or unsafe incident occurs involving a university student or visitor. 
  • University Property Damage: Damage to university property resulting from accident or emergencies must be reported to the Office of Risk Management via the Report of Loss to State Owned Property form.
  • University/State Vehicle Accident: If you are involved in an automobile accident involving a university-owned vehicle you must complete an Automobile Loss Notice Form and submit it to the Office of Risk Management. If you are still at the scene, review the instructions on the envelope in the glove box of the state vehicle.

The forms listed above are used to investigate unsafe conditions, identify corrective actions to prevent accidents and incidents, and modify programs accordingly to improve safety on university property.

For more information regarding workplace injuries, exposures, or illnesses, please review the University Accident and Incident Plan. For questions regarding workers’ compensation please contact Human Resources and Payroll / Benefits at 703-993-7756. For information about insurance, university property damage/theft, and automobile incidents contact the Office of Risk Management at 703-993-2599.

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