What does the Environmental Health and Safety Office – Fire Safety do to mitigate the threat of fire?

Building Inspections: All university owned buildings and some leased spaces (depending upon the lease agreement) are inspected at least annually by a certified fire safety inspector. Any violations that are noted are shared with the appropriate party and are revisited after the building occupant or university has had an opportunity to correct any deficiencies. Additional inspections of university buildings and leased spaces may be inspected by the State Fire Marshalls Office (SFMO) with or without noticed and as deemed necessary by the SFMO.

Fire Suppression and Alarm Systems Inspections: All fire suppression systems (e.g., sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and cooking hood suppression systems) and their associated audio and visual alarm systems are inspected routinely. The inspection frequency of these systems is determined by the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code; fire suppression systems are tested quarterly, fire alarm systems are tested annually.

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