Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)

Abnormal heart rhythm is the cause of most sudden cardiac arrests. When the heart rhythm becomes chaotic, often without warning, the heart will stop abruptly. The American Heart Association (AHA) states that survival from sudden cardiac arrest depends directly on the speed in administering a defibrillation shock in an attempt to restore normal heart function.

The Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program provides public access to university maintained AEDs for use in the event of a cardiac emergency. The AED Program establishes protocols for training, use, and maintenance of AEDs located on George Mason University property. A complete list of the location of AED on George Mason University Campuses is provided below.

In the event that an AED is used, an AED Incident Report form must be completed and submitted to EHS.

AED Locations

Below is a list of AED locations on all George Mason University campuses. Click on a campus location to view AED locations on that campus.

AED Locations on Fairfax Campus

Building FloorLocation
Aquatic and Fitness CenterLLLifeguard Office
Aquatic and Fitness Center1Reception Desk
Center for the Arts1North Lobby - Restrooms
Central Heating and Cooling Plant1Room 1A
de Laski Performing Arts Building3Ballet Hall
Fenwick Library1Between A & B Wing
Field House1Front Desk
Harris Theatre1Entry Door Facing SUB I
Innovation Hall3Elevator and Staircase
Johnson Center3Center Atrium
Johnson CenterGBetween Theater and Jazzman's
Krasnow Institute2Elevator Lobby
Mason Global Center1Main Lobby
Mason Hall3Elevator Lobby
Merten Hall1Elevator Lobby
Merten Hall4Elevatory Lobby
Nguyen Engineering Building2Elevator Lobby
Nottoway Annex1Main Lobby
EagleBank Center11st Floor Hallway
EagleBank CenterConcourseFirst-Aid Station
EagleBank CenterConcoursePolice Office
Recreation and Athletic Complex1Main Lobby
Recreation and Athletic Complex2Racquetball Courts
Research Hall1Main Lobby
Research Hall3Main Hallway
Skyline Fitness1 Front Desk
Skyline Fitness2Fitness Room Near Exit
Southside DIning2Cashiers Stand
Student Union Building I (SUB I)2Main Stairs
The Hub (SUB II)2Main Entrance Near Restrooms
Thompson Hall1Main Lobby

AED Locations on the Science and Technology Campus

Biomedical Research Laboratory1Hallway Near Room 1018
Biomedical Research Laboratory1Containment Room
Biomedical Research Laboatory1Containment Room
Bull Run Hall1Information Desk
Bull Run Hall3Bathrooms
Discovery Hall1Security Desk
Discovery Hall3Hallway
Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center1Room 127
Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center2Cardio Room
Hylton Performing Arts Center1Behind Ticket Office
Colgan Hall1Verizon Auditorium
Colgan Hall3Elevator Lobby

AED Locations on Arlington Campus

Founders HallB2Elevator Lobby
Founders Hall1Main Stairs
Founders Hall2Main Stairs
Founders Hall5Elevator Lobby
Founders Hall6Elevator Lobby
Hazel HallB1Hallway across from Police Office
Metropolitan Building5Hall at 5093
Metropolitan Building5Hall at 5001
Metropolitan Building5Elevator Lobby