Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a topic to view frequently asked questions and their answers. If you are curious about a particular service and aren’t sure if our office can help, our “Who do I contact?” resource may be of some assistance. If your question is not answered or if you still require additional information, feel free to contact us.

Emergency Management

Emergency Plans

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Mason Alert

[faq faq_tag=”faq-mason-alert”]

Personal Preparedness

[faq faq_tag=”faq-personal-preparedness”]

Regional Emergency

[faq faq_tag=”faq-regional-emergency”]

Student Residents

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Fires and Building Evacuations

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Emergency Information

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Individuals with Disabilities

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Emergency Preparedness Training

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Environmental Compliance

Chemical Spills

[faq faq_tag=”ecspill”]

Hazardous Materials

[faq faq_tag=”echazmat”]

Pollution Prevention

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Recyclable Materials

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Fire Safety


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Fire Extinguishers

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Power Strips and Extension Cords

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Building Fire Safety

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Laboratory Safety

General Laboratory Safety

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Biological Safety

[faq faq_tag=”faq-biological-health-safety”]

Chemical Safety

[faq faq_tag=”faq-chemical-health-safety”]

Radiation Safety

[faq faq_tag=”faq-radiation-health-safety”]

Occupational Health

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Occupational Safety

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Not sure who to contact?

We work closely with many departments on campus, e.g., University Police, Student Health Services, Risk Management, etc., and sometimes it's hard to tell which office you need help from. Often times it's a combo of many! You are more than welcome to contact us if you are unsure, but we've also created a "Who do I contact?" resource if you'd like to take a look.