Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a topic to view frequently asked questions and their answers. If you are curious about a particular service and aren’t sure if our office can help, our “Who do I contact?” resource may be of some assistance. If your question is not answered or if you still require additional information, feel free to contact us.

Emergency Management

Emergency Plans

[faq faq_tag=”faq-emergency-plans”]

Mason Alert

[faq faq_tag=”faq-mason-alert”]

Personal Preparedness

[faq faq_tag=”faq-personal-preparedness”]

Regional Emergency

[faq faq_tag=”faq-regional-emergency”]

Student Residents

[faq faq_tag=”faq-student-residents”]

Fires and Building Evacuations

[faq faq_tag=”faq-fires-building-evacuations”]

Emergency Information

[faq faq_tag=”faq-emergency-information”]

Individuals with Disabilities

[faq faq_tag=”faq-individuals-with-disabilities”]

Emergency Preparedness Training

[faq faq_tag=”faq-em-training”]

Environmental Compliance

Chemical Spills

[faq faq_tag=”ecspill”]

Hazardous Materials

[faq faq_tag=”echazmat”]

Pollution Prevention

[faq faq_tag=”ecpollution”]

Recyclable Materials

[faq faq_tag=”ecrecycle”]

Fire Safety


[faq faq_tag=”faq-appliances”]

Fire Extinguishers

[faq faq_tag=”faq-fire-extinguishers”]

Power Strips and Extension Cords

[faq faq_tag=”faq-power-strips-extension-cords”]


[faq faq_tag=”faq-events”]

Building Fire Safety

[faq faq_tag=”faq-building-fire-safety”]

Laboratory Safety

General Laboratory Safety

[faq faq_tag=”faq-general-laboratory-safety”]

Biological Safety

[faq faq_tag=”faq-biological-health-safety”]

Chemical Safety

[faq faq_tag=”faq-chemical-health-safety”]

Radiation Safety

[faq faq_tag=”faq-radiation-health-safety”]

Occupational Health

[faq faq_topic=”faq-occupational-health” faq limit=”-1″]

Occupational Safety

[faq faq_topic=”faq-occupational-safety” faq limit=”-1″]


[faq faq_topic=”faq-training” faq limit=”-1″]

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