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Mason Alert Text Message Registration

Dear Patriots,

In our continuous effort to improve communication of emergencies to the campus community, we will be transitioning to an “Opt Out” Mason Alert text message registration model from our current “Opt In” process. This will significantly increase the number of people who receive emergency notifications via text message, which is the quickest Mason Alert delivery method.

Beginning on Monday, December 9, when you log into Patriot Web ( you will be prompted to confirm or enter your mobile phone number and elect whether to receive or decline Mason Alert emergency notification text messages. If you decide to decline this service, you may leave the mobile phone field blank.

This process will be conducted annually to ensure that students, faculty, and staff maintain accurate contact information in the Mason Alert emergency notification system. Beginning February 1, 2020, you may only update your primary mobile phone saved in Mason Alert using the Patriot Web portal.  Instructions on how to update your mobile number will be provided on the Mason Alert webpage  Students and employees are still encouraged to add friends and family to their Mason Alert account.

If you wish to receive Mason Alert text messages without registering your mobile phone, you may decline Mason Alert messages in Patriot Web, log into your Mason Alert account, and add your mobile number(s) to receive Mason Alert text messages.

Mobile phone numbers collected through this process will be saved in Banner and used for emergency communication purposes.  If you have any questions or concerns about this process please contact or call (703) 993-8448.

Safety, Emergency, and Enterprise Risk Management

(703) 993-8448

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