Reporting an Incident or Emergency

Immediate Notification:

  • Dial 911 for life-threatening injuries, illnesses, or situations (i.e., severe burns and wounds, heart attack, stroke, head trauma, fire,) which pose serious risk to life and require immediate medical attention or response.
  • For other (non-life-threatening incidents) contact EHS (703-993-8448 or ) during normal work hours and University Police (703-993-2810) after hours.
  • Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Your Name and telephone number
    • Location of the emergency (building, room number, and building address)
      • The building address is available on Evacuation Plans posted in the building and on the Fire Emergencies web page
    • Nature of the emergency
    • Special considerations (e.g., material(s) involved, the potential for explosion, acutely hazardous gases present, people trapped in rooms or buildings, number of people injured and type of injuries, electrical hazards, property damage, and access routes to the emergency).

    After the initial response:

    • Complete and submit an Incident Report Form for any illness/injury to students or visitors; environmental accidents (an accident in which a harmful substance is released into the environment); fires; laboratory incidents (including spills); non-vehicular accidents; or any unsafe conditions/acts observed on campus.
    • Complete and submit an Employer’s First Report of Accident form when an employee is injured, experiences an exposure or work-related illness.

    For more information on Reporting Accidents, Injuries, or Unsafe Conditions, click here (need link.)

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