Waste Management

Laboratories generate many kinds of waste, liquid or solid, that must be disposed of in accordance with regulatory requirements and environmental standards to ensure the health and safety of the public and the preservation of our community and environment.

  • Municipal solid waste generated in our laboratories is collected by Housekeeping, (703) 993-2537.
  • Some universal waste; recyclables such as light bulbs or tubes, and batteries used in the laboratory, as well as broken glass containers, are managed by University Recycling and Waste Management. To schedule collection of these items, place a work order by calling (703) 993-2525.
  • Environmental Health and Safety manages the disposal of hazardous, biological and radiological waste from our laboratories and provides supplies, including containers for broken glassware, to our laboratories for the collection and safe disposal of these waste streams. Email labsafe@gmu.edu to schedule a pickup or request supplies.

The following links provide more details on how to manage the following waste streams in the laboratory. (Will link when pages completed)

Hazardous Waste
Biological Waste
Radiological Waste


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