Below is a listing of all emergency management forms currently available from the Environmental Health and Safety Office. These forms should be used in conjunction with their corresponding plan or guide as applicable.

AED Incident Report Form

In the event that an AED is used, an AED Incident Report form must be completed and submitted to EHS. Please see the AED Program plan for more information.

Bomb Threat Checklist

The Bomb Threat Guide provides guidance on how to respond to a bomb threat or a caller who claims a bomb is located on campus. The Bomb Threat Checklist should be used in the event a bomb threat is received by phone. Please refer to the Bomb Threat Guide for instructions on how to complete the Bomb Threat Checklist. All bomb threats received by George Mason University faculty, staff, or students must be reported to the University Police.

Crowd Manager Contact Form

Crowd Managers must be present at all events where attendance is 1,000 persons or more to assist with fire emergencies and building evacuations. The Crowd Manager Guide provides instructions on how to identify, train, and assign crowd managers.

The Crowd Manager Contact Form is filled out by the Principal Crowd Manager and approved by the Event Coordinator. The form must be completed before an event may take place.

Shelter Preparation Form

Use the Shelter Preparation Form to identify an appropriate shelter area and office/department specific procedures and resources. Please refer to the Tornado & Severe Weather Guide for more information.

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