The Chemical Safety Program at George Mason University protects students, staff, the community and the environment from risks associated with hazardous chemicals through the use of risk assessment-based training, hazard communication, work practices, and safety controls.

REMINDER:  If you are working with chemicals in the lab you must:

  • Understand responsibilities in the laboratory, the specific risks associated with chemicals being used, and the necessary controls and restrictions for the material.
  • Conduct a hazard assessment and obtain the necessary approval before beginning work with the material
  • Maintain an accurate chemical inventory and safety data sheets (SDS) for each chemical stored in the laboratory; and
  • Develop and follow standard operating procedures for use of materials.


Chemical Fume Hoods
Chemical Hazards
Chemical Hazards Assessment
Chemical Hygiene Plan (Laboratory Safety Plan)
Chemical Inventory
Chemical Segregation and Storage
Chemical Spills and Exposures
Controlled Substances and Listed Chemicals
Hazard Communication Plan (non-lab spaces)
Hazardous Waste
Laboratory Hazard Assessment
Physical Hazards
Procuring Hazardous Materials
Safety Data Sheets
Shipping and Transport of Hazardous Material
Tax Exempt Alcohol


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