Parents and Guardians

The health and safety of your child is always at the top of your mind, especially when they are away from home. The Environmental Health and Safety Office at George Mason University manages a number of ongoing programs and services in support of Mason’s commitment to both individual and community preparedness. This page contains information on some of those programs and services, and has links to resources that you can use to stay in-the-know about emergency situations on campus or in the region.

We have also prepared a page dedicated to emergency preparedness resources for current Students, and encourage you to share this information with your Mason scholar.

Not a parent or guardian of a current or prospective Mason student? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared resources for everyone in the George Mason University community! Use the links to the left or visit our main programs page here for more information.

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Be Prepared

Mason Alert

Mason Alert is the system that is used to send emergency notifications and timely warnings to the university community via text, email, telephone call, and digital signage. Students’ email addresses are automatically enrolled in Mason Alert. Students are strongly advised to register cell phone number(s) and additional email addresses to ensure emergency messages are received in a timely manner and may add their parents’ cell phone numbers too. Parents may also register for Mason Alert independently by creating a guest account at

Emergency Preparedness Mobile App


In Case of Crisis is an emergency preparedness and crime/tip reporting app developed by the Environmental Health and Safety Office. It contains most of the information captured in our Emergency Preparedness Guides as well as links and emergency phone numbers that can be accessed directly from the app. The app also allows for anonymous crime/tip reporting.

Follow these simple tips to download and install the app:
  1. Download the In Case of Crisis – Education app to your iOS or Android device.
  2. Open the app and review the setup instructions;
  3. Click “+” and choose George Mason University;
  4. Click on the various icons to see how you can be prepared.


Personal Emergency Kit

During emergencies, resource availability may be limited and environmental conditions may change from established patterns. Parents can help their students prepare for these types of emergencies by creating an emergency kit with basic safety supplies like a flashlight, rain poncho, and first-aid kit. Members of the Mason community should have an emergency kit at home, at work, and in their personal vehicle. For instructions on how to build an emergency kit and suggestions for what items to include, visit

Visiting Campus

If you are planning a visit to campus please take a moment to become familiar with emergency preparedness information and resources available to visitors by clicking here.

Emergency Response Information


If you receive a Mason Alert notifying you of an emergency on campus, it is important to remain calm. Parents’ first reaction may be to call their student to check on their welfare but this might interfere with emergency response activities. During emergencies, cell phone towers are frequently overwhelmed by large call volume which may prevent others from calling for help. If possible, use text messaging to communicate with your student during emergencies to leave phone lines open for those who need them most.

Emergency Services

George Mason University maintains its own full-time, sworn Police force. University Police work closely with other Police and Fire/Rescue departments in the surrounding areas to protect our community and respond to emergencies on campus. To learn more about University Police, visit their website at

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