Setting Up a New Lab

Are you a new Principle Investigator (PI) with George Mason University?

Do you need assistance with setting up your lab?  If so, then please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete and submit the Laboratory Registration Form
  2. Enroll in Laboratory Safety Training
  3. Register work with specific hazards
  4. Post Lab Emergency Poster (need to find poster in Huddle)
  5. Log into EHSA and Complete Chemical Inventory
  6. Complete Safety Records and Resources Binder (need to create a page for binder)

Upon receipt of the Laboratory Registration Form, EHS will meet with the Principal Investigator (PI) to review laboratory activities. EHS will provide an updated lab sign, spill kit, first aid kit, waste bins, and satellite accumulation area. EHS will also provide guidance for registering your work with relevant safety committees and enrolling in EHS Assistant.