What safety training programs are offered and how do I sign up for training?

EHS offers a variety of safety trainings. A calendar of upcoming training sessions is available here. You can register for classes online. Please note that we are modifying our training registration system. Training registration will be available August 1, 2020. Thank you for your patience. For more information on training programs visit the EHS training page.

How do I report a safety issue or concern?

Safety issues and concerns may be reported to EHS by phone (703) 993-8448, by email safety@gmu.edu, our online Report a Safety Concern form, or by completing an Incident Report Form.

What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

A Safety Data Sheet or SDS is a document generated by a chemical or product manufacturer that provides specific information on the chemical properties, health hazards, personal protective equipment, and emergency procedures for a specific chemical or product.

How do I find Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

SDS for each chemical used in a workplace must be located in SDS binders which are posted at a Right-To-Know stations mounted in a conspicuous location within the work area where chemicals are used or stored. If an SDS for a chemical is not available, contact the manufacturer and request a copy or download a copy online. Contact EHS if you do not have a Right-To-Know station in your work area.