How do I dispose of biological waste that is not Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)?

Biological waste that is non-infectious should be autoclaved. If the waste cannot be autoclaved (e.g., mixed with a chemical or is an animal carcass), it should be placed in a burn box for incineration offsite.

  • Autoclave
    • Place waste in a clear autoclave bag
    • Run the autoclave cycle.
    • Fill in the logbook with date, time, your name, type of material treated, and approximate weight of treated waste.
    • Take the waste to the dumpster.
  • Burn box
    • Tape bottom and side seams of box.
    • Line with 2 black bags.
    • When 75% full, seal both bags.
    • Do not fill more than 40 pounds.
    • Close box and tape shut at seams.
    • Contact EHS for pickup.
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