How do I ship chemicals, biological materials, or radioactive materials?

Laboratory personnel must ship all chemical and radioactive materials through EHS. Biological materials and dry ice are also shipped by EHS. If laboratory personnel frequently ship biological materials or dry ice, they may be trained to ship these materials. This decision is made on a case-by-case basis by EHS.

Personnel who wish to ship materials through EHS must contact EHS at least two working days prior to the desired shipping date.

When requesting that EHS ship laboratory materials, laboratory personnel must provide:

  • Itemized list of contents of the package that includes the complete name, volume/weight, and physical state.
  • An appropriate shipping container that meets UN packaging requirements. (This can be purchased through EHS if the department does not have the appropriate containers and the shipment is urgent).
  • Dry ice (if required) and the weight of the dry ice to be included in the package.
  • Package dimension(length, width, height, and weight).
  • Insurance for the package (if any).
  • Sender address and contact information.
  • Recipient name and address, including telephone number.
  • Payment information (fund code or org number to be used to conduct a journal voucher).

On the day of shipment, bring the package to EHS before 12:00 pm.

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