What does it mean if I am “waitlisted” when I register for a class?

Due to capacity of training rooms, facilities, and other factors, we do have to impose a limit to the number of seats available per class. Once a class has filled up, you can request to be added to the waitlist. Waitlisted attendees will be added to the list of registrants if and when a seat opens up*, in the order that they were added to the waitlist. Please note, if you are waitlisted when you register you are not actually signed up for that class. Please email safety@gmu.edu with any additional questions about being waitlisted for a class.

*Seats open in classes when registrants cancel their registration, or in some cases if the class size is able to be increased to accommodate waitlisted registrants. Class size increases depend on the space available in the room and the trainer’s discretion.

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