How do I dispose of hazardous chemical waste?

  • Select a waste container that has a tight fitting screw cap or lid, and is compatible with the waste it will contain. If you do not have the correct waste container, contact EHS for assistance.
  • Label the container with  the complete chemical name of the waste.  Do not use abbreviations, trade names, chemical formulas, or chemical structures. If the waste is a mixture of chemicals, list each component and their relative concentrations. EHS provides Hazardous Waste labels upon request.
  • Place the labeled container in the satellite accumulation area located in the laboratory or in the adjacent support suite. Satellite accumulation areas are marked bins provide by EHS.
  • Chemical waste containers should be considered full when the container is 90% full. When a waste container is determined to be full, write the date on the container and place it in the Satellite Accumulation Area.
  • EHS collects waste placed in Satellite Accumulation Areas during weekly rounds. You can also contact EHS to arrange a special pickup if necessary.

For additional information, refer to the Laboratory Safety Manual or contact EHS.

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