What should I do if I discover a hazardous material(s) or oil spill on campus?

Contact University Police by dialing 911 from any university phone or dial 703-993-2810 and report the following details to University Police:
  • Your name and contact information.
  • The location of the spill and where you are currently located.
  • The approximate quantity of material spilled.
  • The materials involved, if known (e.g., oil, gasoline, paint, etc.).

University Police will contact EHS to determine the appropriate spill response. Additional resources (e.g., hazardous materials crews or fire and rescue) will be contacted as needed. If the spill endangers human health, please evacuate the area or secure the immediate area if it is safe to do so. Proceed to a safe location upwind of the spill and remain in the area until University Police arrive.

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