Laboratory Safety Forms

This is a listing of all laboratory safety forms available from EHS. These forms should be used in conjunction with their corresponding plan or guide as applicable.

Biological Safety

Equipment Decontamination Certificate

This form should be used when equipment is being moved from the laboratory. Instruments or equipment must be certified as being free from potentially hazardous contamination prior to maintenance, repair, or removal by unprotected, untrained personnel.

Chemical Safety

Shipment of Hazardous Materials Form

Please review the Hazard Communication Program (PDF) for more information on how to complete this form. Contact EHS with any questions or concerns about hazard communication.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Registration

An IBC Registration must be completed for all research and instructional projects involving the use of biological materials and/or sources of ionizing radiation at George Mason University. These forms can be accessed and submitted in RAMP Safety.

Radiation Safety

Please review the Radiation Safety Manual (coming soon) for more information on the below forms. Contact EHS with any questions or concerns about radiation safety.

Minors in the Laboratory

Contact EHS with any questions or concerns about minors who will be working in George Mason University laboratories.

Laboratory Training Signature Sheet

Laboratories are required to keep records of specific laboratory training provided to personnel. Please print and sign your name and indicate (with an “x” or check mark) if you have been trained on the contents of your laboratory’s Supplemental Safety Plan(s) and are familiar with George Mason University’s Safety Manual(s). This Laboratory Training Signature Page should be kept in the Safety Records and Resources binder. Learn more about EHS training here.